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Discover the four benefits of our Olive Leaf Extract…
Olive Leaves have a long history of use as a herbal tonic to support cardiovascular function…
Olive leaves have been traditionally used to enhance functioning of the immune system…
Almost double the antioxidants of green tea extract, Olive Leaf Extract fights free radicals…
The science behind Olive Leaf Extract and its many health benefits…
The most widely promoted and scientifically proven healthy lifestyle in the world…
Research conveys our Olive Leaf Extract has 400% more antioxidant power than Vitamin C…
The balanced synergy of active compounds gives our extract its effective healing power…
Olive Leaf Australia is proud to be the world's largest specialised olive leaf grove…
Explore our Olive Leaf Grove and meet the team who bring you Olive Leaf Australia's extracts...
Some fast facts on the history of olive leaves and their unique health properties…


18  ·  05  ·  2016

Natural Remedies to Help Build a Strong Front-line Winter Defence

Health Professional Radio website Guest:...

15  ·  04  ·  2016

Winter Health Preparations: Five things you can do now

With winter on its way, bringing with it the possibility of passing around cold and flu bugs in your household like a hot...

Natural Cardiovascular Support of Olive Leaf Extract
12  ·  04  ·  2016

Study shows heart health benefits of olive leaf extract

New research recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition1 indicates that olive leaf extract...

13  ·  01  ·  2016

How to Survive Summer

Australia is known for being a land of extremes, particularly extreme heat. Finding ways to keep cool are vitally...

02  ·  12  ·  2015

Down on the farm – Summer update

With Aaron Prior, Comvita® Olive Leaf Farm Manager. Summer is nearly here and for the past few...

25  ·  11  ·  2015

Beat the sugar low this festive season

The festive season is that special time of year when friends and family get together, share good times and eat good food....

16  ·  11  ·  2015

How to stress less

While stress is something that usually has to be dealt with in varying degrees year-round, Christmas is consistently...

05  ·  11  ·  2015

10 things you should know about Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract is most widely known for its immune boosting properties that can help ward off nasty bugs and...

13  ·  10  ·  2015

Down on the farm – Spring update

With Aaron Prior, Comvita® Olive Leaf Farm Manager. Spring has sprung and we welcome the end of the...

21  ·  09  ·  2015

Clean your house the natural way

For most people, cleaning the house is a necessary, but not 100% enjoyable, task. But what if it were potentially...

07  ·  09  ·  2015

Your guide to detoxing

Detoxing has become very popular over the last few years as a way to potentially increase your health and wellbeing by...

02  ·  09  ·  2015

Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

The beginning of Spring is an exciting time for many – packing away winter woollies, putting the heaters in storage...

7 ways_Olea
07  ·  08  ·  2015

7 surprising ways to boost your immune system

At this time of year, the flu runs rampant. Follow these easy and effective ways to help fight off the cold and...

01  ·  07  ·  2015

Down on the farm – Winter update

With Aaron Prior, Comvita® Olive Leaf Farm Manager. It is now the coldest time of the year for us on...

30  ·  04  ·  2015

The Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Did you know that the leaves of the olive tree are a natural source of the active ingredient Oleuropein (elenolic acid),...

30  ·  05  ·  2014

How to fall in love with greens

If you need some inspiration to eat your vegetables or want to experiment with new flavours, these tips will help you...

20  ·  05  ·  2014

How to make your own compost

Making your own compost offers a range of benefits—it helps you recycle most of organic household and garden waste,...

13  ·  05  ·  2014

7 ways to get a good night’s sleep

There’s nothing like a good sleep in.  The pure bliss of waking up on a Saturday and realising you can have an extra...

08  ·  05  ·  2014

5 natural ways to nourish your baby

Keep your baby nourished and clean with these tips for natural and affordable baby care products, from homemade baby...

05  ·  05  ·  2014

5 ways to cope with change

Making a big transition in life—whether it’s a new house, relationship or move to retirement—can be...

10  ·  04  ·  2014

6 ways to practice mindfulness

Meditation, the art of practicing mindfulness, doesn’t have to mean sitting in silence on a cushion in lotus...

01  ·  04  ·  2014

The Ultimate Warming Wellness Water

With winter around the corner, the last thing I want after crawling out from under my comfy warm blanket is something...

27  ·  03  ·  2014

The joy of solitude

In our constantly connected world, it’s often seen as sad or antisocial to seek solitude. But being alone doesn’t...

Rose petals on the wooden background
13  ·  03  ·  2014

The beauty of roses

Roses have been used in perfumes, medicines and foods since ancient times. They have always symbolised decadence, but...

liver of cod
06  ·  03  ·  2014

Eating sustainable seafood

Eating fish two or more times a week can provide a range of ...

13  ·  02  ·  2014

Summer hair care

Getting some sun and hitting the surf may be fun, but it isn’t so great for our hair. To keep your locks in top...

24  ·  01  ·  2014

Staying sharp in retirement

While you may have planned to take it easy in retirement, studies have found that enjoying hobbies and activities...

Female smiling underwater
22  ·  01  ·  2014

Swim and stay fit

The long, balmy days of summer are perfect for enjoying a refreshing swim. As well as being a pleasant way to cool down,...

06  ·  12  ·  2013

Why happiness is contagious

The festive season often has our facebook and twitter newsfeeds filled with photos and updates of parties, family...

04  ·  12  ·  2013

One, two, three: relax

Whether it’s work, study, or family that is contributing to your stress, there are ways to mindfully and...

02  ·  12  ·  2013

What’s your fitness age?

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have developed an ...

closeup stretching leg
27  ·  11  ·  2013

Benefits of a Dance-Inspired Workout

Low-impact exercises like dancing, yoga and pilates can help us create long, lean muscles as well as improved...

25  ·  11  ·  2013

10 healthy kids party ideas

Kids often have a social life to rival the busiest adults, with what seems like a birthday party every weekend. If...

20  ·  11  ·  2013

Sardinia flash floods

Comvita is very saddened by the breaking news of flash flooding in Sardinia. We are sending our very best wishes to those...

13  ·  11  ·  2013

How to be happier at home

We spend a significant amount of time at home, yet we may not think about how our habits, routines and possessions...

Two best friends sitting in a cafe and talking.
07  ·  11  ·  2013

7 tips to boost happiness

Over the long term, healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating well and spending time with friends and...

02  ·  10  ·  2013

What is gluten?

There’s half an aisle in your local supermarket dedicated to gluten free products, your favourite café sells...

26  ·  09  ·  2013

Eating for two

If only pregnancy symptoms were as simple as pickle cravings and glowing skin. While for many women, pregnancy is a...

Green sunflower sprouts in a cup
19  ·  09  ·  2013

Grow your greens

Spring is the ideal time to plant a kitchen garden and enjoy the pleasures of eating fresh, seasonal food. In...

natural spa
11  ·  09  ·  2013

Essential oils to relax and revive

Essential oils made from plants and flowers have been used for thousands of years in ancient civilisations such as...

10  ·  09  ·  2013

Fun exercise is your friend

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with exercise. We feel great once it’s done, but finding the motivation...

04  ·  09  ·  2013

Tips to maintain healthy hair growth

Did you know that we are born with all our hair follicles? The average person has about 80,000 to 150,000 hairs on...

02  ·  09  ·  2013

Herbal heroes

Winter is an ideal time to brew up a warming herbal tea. Not only are herbal teas a great alternative to coffee or...

29  ·  08  ·  2013

Freshen up your fridge

To many of us, convenience food means microwave dinners, pre-packaged snacks, or things in cans and tins. Not only...

02  ·  08  ·  2013

Running on sunshine

Solar panels are becoming a familiar sight in Australian towns and cities as more families and businesses use...

Woman Stretchihg at Sunset
01  ·  08  ·  2013

Stretching vs warming up

Staying flexible has important health benefits for people of all ages. How and when we hold a stretch could also...

29  ·  07  ·  2013

The bucket list

Regardless of what’s on your list of things to do in your lifetime, or before...

19  ·  07  ·  2013

Reboot your fitness

As a society, we’ve become accustomed to using our computers and smartphones for shopping, banking, and...

17  ·  07  ·  2013

Learning how to love yourself

‘You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection’ —...

15  ·  07  ·  2013

Getting kids to eat their veggies

Encouraging kids to eat their vegetables can be difficult, especially if it’s a new food they haven’t tried...

10  ·  07  ·  2013

New Zealand Natural health Innovator Claude Stratford Passes On; Leaves Legacy

Queens Service Medal recipient, philanthropist and founder of global natural health and beauty products...

04  ·  07  ·  2013

Boost your energy levels

If you wake up tired and feel like you’re running on empty most days,...

10  ·  05  ·  2013

The wonders of Olive Leaf Extract exposed on Channel 10

Channel 10 News Brisbane shone light on Olive Leaf Extract, unveiling its unique and powerful properties....

05  ·  04  ·  2013

Feeling run down?

No matter the time of year, it is important to focus on your health and wellbeing to best avoid that run down feeling....

21  ·  03  ·  2013

Olive leaf extract shown to reduce diabetes risk

A recent ...

11  ·  03  ·  2013

Summer no holiday for colds and flu

There is something about summer colds and flu that makes them that bit harder swallow, so to speak, than winter...

08  ·  03  ·  2013

Why should I take Omega 3?

Omega 3’s are part of a group of fatty acids known as essential fatty acids. This means that they can’t be made by...

08  ·  03  ·  2013

SYNERGY 12 …a bright new start

We all start a new year with changed perspectives and new goals, so why shouldn’t our skin reflect our fresh...

06  ·  03  ·  2013

The secret world of the hive

In this bee-utiful world the Queen is fed a special substance from the day she is hatched, that allows her to live 50...

05  ·  03  ·  2013

Exercise high

A documentary was broadcast on SBS a short time ago called 'Pleasure and Pain'. Dr Michael Mosley surveyed crowds...

04  ·  03  ·  2013

Slip Slop Slap… and Slurp!

Antioxidant research suggests we should be adding "Slurp" to the well known "Slip Slop Slap" message on skin...

01  ·  03  ·  2013

Why is the Mediterranean diet so good?

The 'Mediterranean Diet' is based aroundthe traditional food, drink and lifestyles of people living in Greece,...

28  ·  02  ·  2013

New year = new health?

It's the number one New Year's resolution, in all it's various forms: 'lose weight', 'get in shape', 'make healthy...

27  ·  02  ·  2013

The Buzz on Winter Beauty

Winter brings all sorts of beauty dilemmas – dry skin outdoors due to winds and cold temperatures, oily skin...

26  ·  02  ·  2013

A fresh leaf on life

With the modern world taking its toll on our overall health and wellbeing, more and more research is being...

25  ·  02  ·  2013

Stay well naturally

We've put together a few ideas on simple lifestyle considerations that can help support your immune function and keep...

22  ·  02  ·  2013

Allergy Season

While the end of winter causes excitement for many of us, for those who suffer from hay fever, the warmer days of...

21  ·  02  ·  2013

Rev up your immune system

WAKE UP TO THE SUN A traditional and very effective treatment. According to the Cancer Council Australia, a...